tamara abuyevaTamara Abueva was born in Kazakhstan in a Chechen family that was forcibly expelled from the Chechen–Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. The parents had seven children. The mother was at home and the father was working as a driver. Tamara was just ten years old when the Soviet President Khrushchev allowed the Chechen people to return to their homeland. When Tamara Abueva was returning home in 1968, she was already married. She began to work in 1971 and worked in several job positions. During the first Russian-Chechen war she lived in Urus Martan village. It was very difficult to find a job after the end of the war; the pensions were not paid. The humanitarian organizations were helping pretty much the Chechnya residents – they provided food and clothes. In the beginning of the second Russian-Chechen war, Abueva family spent their days in Chernovodsk village. Not long ago, Tamara Abueva retured to live in Grozny; she has two daughters and two sons. Three of her kids are already independent one of her daughters is student.


Exile life

“The local resident didn’t welcomed us very friendly. The rumors have been spread that they brought the country betrayers although the truth was the opposite: many of the Chechen people fought bravely on the front. It was very hard to live on the new place. I remember my parents telling me that many people died of starvation and diseases. Not even a third of all the exiles survived. In order to survive they must have worked extremely hard. I was just ten when we were allowed Khrushchev to return to our homeland. I remember the people crying with joy and shout with happiness.”