akhmad-kurbanovAkhmad Kurbanov was born in 1928 and deported from the village of Khachiroy in Itum-Kale district into the settlement of Sadovoy in the Northern Kazakhstan.

On the deportation, I was 17 year old and biggest child in the family. I had five brother and one sisters. Our youngest Isak wasn’t yet one year old.

Once a week, there was held a large market where people could buy any kind of products. Our father had took my mother to her sister in Zakan-Yurt, from there they would go to Grozny to buy warm clothes for children.

When the soldiers came to our village in the beginning of February 1944, our mother Markhaday wasn’t at home since one week. My father suspicied about the situation, and three times he tried to go bring her back. Buy, each time, he couldn’t be able pass the military check points. In this way, three weeks has passed and one forsty morning soldiers gave us half an hour to be packed. My father and sister dressed my younger brothers and then we were driven on foot to the district center. My 6 year old brother Magomed and 4 year old brother Yusup had barefoot and half naked, under this circumstances, they were forced to walk on their foot on the wet snow until Itum-Kale. There, we were forced to spend a night under the open sky despite the terrible cold. Next morning, we were drove out to Alkhan-Kala, then in the evening time, we were plunged into trains and sent to Kazakhstan without a mother.

We have never seen our mother again. As we learnt after, she was deported from the village of Zakan-Yurt with her relatives into Karaganda region. However, just three months after the deportation, she had passed away. Her heart gave out to be seperated from her children, she had suffered very strong from this pain.

I would give anything in the world, only to hug her just once.